Cardiff Invitations hints and tips

anna guestbook Pink and Green Invitation

Anna established Cardiff Invitations in 2009 and delivers high quality hand crafted wedding stationery and invitations for special occasions including parties, christening and baby showers. Anna offers a personal service with free face to face consultations, her creative eye and advice ensures beautiful bespoke wedding and event stationery, mementoes for guests and hosts that can be kept forever.

Anna Carter, a long-standing member of Welsh Mums In Business, gives us some advice on starting up your own business.

We asked Anna:

Do you have any pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs / Welsh Mums In Business?

  1. Put in the research in the beginning, not only into the products/services you wish to offer but also the business side of things. There is no point offering a product that people really want if it doesn’t make you any money.
  1. Focus on customer service and don’t let standards slip when things get busy. Especially in the wedding industry, it is a big deal for every customer as it is their big day.
  1. Don’t try to expand/grow too quickly. I have seen lots of businesses start well but then try to take on too much and then end up not delivering the great product/service that people want in the first place.

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