Ceri Howells

Ceri Howells

Ceri Howells

Ceri has been a member of Welsh Mums In Business for around two years as she started her Keepsake Business Lollipops and Ladybirds.

Ceri is a mum of two young children and a qualified Lawyer. After having her second child, Ceri decided that she could not bear to miss out on the precious early years of her children’s lives. After having her first child, she returned to work full-time and relied on Grandparents and Private Nurseries to care for her daughter. Second time around, and after extensive market research, Ceri made the decision to start her own business. This gave her the flexibility she needed to be able to care for her children, Katie and Harry.

Ceri finds that meeting up with the group has helped her business to flourish as the women share their experiences and often come up with ideas that maybe she’d never thought of. The business is growing, Lollipops and Ladybirds have taken on two new members of staff and now bought premises in Cwmbran to support the natural progression of the business. Ceri is constantly adapting her range bringing in new brands to keep up with the demand and repeat customers.


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